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Funding Reforestation Projects
Funding Green Energy Projects
Funding Ocean Clean Up Projects
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We’re a company dedicated to providing you with all the tools you need to save our planet.

What we fund

through Earthonomy™

Reforestation and Carbon Sequestration

We lead efforts to reforest our beautiful planet and provide incentives for landowners to keep and nourish the trees that are currently there.

Renewable Energy and Storage

We fund solar energy programs from the single household to community-based solar cooperatives.

Ocean and Freshwater Cleanup

We invest in programs which take action on cleaning up our oceans, rivers, and lakes.

Carbon Capture and Storage

We fund carbon capture and storage projects.

We take a grass roots approach to reversing global warming and cleaning up our oceans. You have the power to make a difference by joining us.

How we fund

through Earthonomy™

While being ignored for over the past 135 years of the Industrial Revolution, the cost for carbon emissions can be quite substantial in terms of our health, our climate, the air breath, the water we drink, the soil we use for farming, and our planet’s fragile ecosystems. We now have a means for putting the cost of these carbon emissions back into the equation, called natural cost accounting. Voluntary carbon offsets are an effective way in doing this and it’s an integral part of the Earthonomy platform.

We also obtain funding through coordinating the process for donations, crowdfunding programs, and distributing knowledge through online courses on sustainability.
                    O                     f                     f                     s                     e                     tCurrently, we allow individuals the means for calculating and offsetting carbon emissions, at a personal level. Soon we’ll be rolling out this capability for local governments, businesses, non-profits, and political campaigns.
                    C                     r                     o                     w                     d                     f                     u                     n                     dOur platform shall provide the means for members to raise money to crowdfund a project involving either planting trees, installing renewable energy assets, ocean or freshwater cleanup projects, etc.
                    D                     o                     n                     a                     t                     eWe except donations too, in the event you don't want to offset your carbon emissions but do want to create impact.
                    E                     d                     u                     c                     a                     t                     eWe will offer various online classes relating to sustainability and eco-regeneration FREE of charge. However, to receive a badge for recognition, the member will pay a fee to help support the production of our training programs.

Meet our Team

John M. Williams
Founder & Chief Architect
Jon W. Mays
Director of Operations


Director of Communications

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